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Lixit Critter Space Pod Large

SKU: LX00194

Place this unique small pet hideout from Lixit on the floor of your bird's cage or hang from the wire ceiling. Futuristic cage accessory gives your little one the comfort and security that is needed in order to rest. Durable plastic construction withstands years of use and easily comes apart for cleaning. Assorted colors.

11" L x 7" H (3" Opening)

$13.74 / Each
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Smart Crock technology lets you remove nest without mount disassembly * Great way to ease stress during breeding season Durable, domed nesting hut boasts smart crock technology. Requires no disassembly to observe or service; both the dome and base easily slide on/off the quick-lock attachment plate. This lets you view nesting activities with minimal disruption to the nest. Suggested for small birds. Smart Bird Hut works on horizontal or vertical cage bars. You can also use the Smart Bird Hut as a covered birdbath. Simply add water. Dishwasher safe plastic in assorted colors with solid white dome.
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