Care, feeding, training and behavioral issues

    Basketball Training Guide & Clicker-Mango

    This is a great easy to use bird training guide! The intent is to build and maintain a strong, life long relationship with pet birds. This Training Guide & Clicker is for our Mini, Small and Large Basketball sets. The basketball sets and the training guide and clicker are sold separately.

    Basketball Training Guide & Clicker by Mango Pet Products

  • PH62900
    Mimic Me Teach Your Bird New Words & Phrases

    This voice recording unit for birds helps bird owners teach their pet new words and phrases. Recording and playing back words and phrases in your own voice will help teach your bird to mimic, or talk. You'll love the connection and your bird will love the attention. Mimic Me has been engineered for high quality sound and is very easy to use, assisting you in teaching your bird new words and phrases through repetition.

    Mimic Me Teach Your Bird New Words & Phrases by Prevue Pet Products


    The New Parrot Handbook

    This book for bird owners offers professional tips on how to purchase, cage, speech-train and nurture Parrots plus a wealth of essential information on parrot ailments and most effective medical treatments. Including fifty exquisite full-color photos, and numerous drawings.

    The New Parrot Handbook by Werner Lantermann

    The Pet Parrot Book

    A olume that deserves a place on every bird owner's bookshelf. It combines the author's warm, personal narratives with thought-provoking coverage of little-discussed topics relating to Parrot care. They include the future of the Parrot species in a world of shrinking natural habitats, and the hormonal changes a Parrot undergoes in the course of its life cycle. The author of this book about Parrots also offers insights that explain the sometimes mysterious actions of parrots.

    The Pet Parrot Book by Peter J. Snyder
  • B09581
    Hand Feeding And Raising Baby Birds

    This book about hand feeding bird and raising birds is for both amateur bird owners and professional breeders. It offers instructions on maintaining a bird nursery, keeping it heated and sanitary, and tending to the chicks. It also discusses the best formulas to give for different species, including parrots, doves, finches, soft-billed birds, pheasants, and others. Advice pertains to correcting problems often suffered by baby birds, from dehydration and discolored feathers to viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

    Hand-Feeding and Raising Baby Birds by Matthew M. Vriends
  • B03667
    A Guide To A Well Behaved Parrot

    This new book about parrot behavior explains parrot psychology and discusses the ways in which parrot owners can apply it to solve behavioral problems. The author cites the most common problems--screaming, biting, and feather-chewing--and tells how to remedy them. She also stresses the need for reinforcement of desirable parrot behavior traits and advises on many aspects of good parrot care, including proper nutrition and providing the bird with steady companionship.

    A Guide To A Well Behaved Parrot By Mattie Sue Athan

    The Click That Does the Trick

    If you think your parrot can't shoot a basket or bowl a strike, think again! After reading this book about training birds, you will be able to train your bird to perform over 30 entertaining tricks, including shooting a basket, bowling, roller-skating, waving, and more. Training your bird actually helps build a better relationship and stronger trust between the two of you .

    The Click That Does the Trick by Robin Deutsch

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