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Polly's Cuttlebone and Calcium Perch

These perches are completely edible and each contains two exciting flavorful blends of great tasting fruit sure to please your bird. Perches are made of real cuttlebone and 100% totally digestible ground calcium, which provides your bird with essential nutrients. Cuttlebone is the internal shell of the cuttlefish and contains the highest amount of natural occuring calcium and phosphate, in addition to other trace minerals. Comes in 3 flavors - Strawberry/Banana Split, Orange/Banana Split, and Pineapple/Banana Split.  Your bird will love all three (our selection).
Cuttlebone & Calcium Perc - Select Size
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Small 50752($5.87)
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Medium 50754($6.98)
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Large 50756($7.98)
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Total Price: $5.87
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Small: 5" L x 1/2" Perch Diameter
Medium: 7" L x 1" Perch Diameter
Large: 11" L x 1-3/4" Perch Diameter
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