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POOP-01 - Poop Off with Brush - 16 oz

POOP-OFF works by the special cleaning agents, active enzymes, water and proprietary lubricants ability to break down the chemical bonds in bird droppings. With the stiff bristles of the plastic brush, tiny holes are made as the droppings are dissolved by the action of POOP-OFF. The proprietary lubricants separate the bird droppings from the substrate instantly. It removes fresh and dried droppings.

Price: $9.39 / each

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Spray Bottle with attached brush. Bird poop remover cleans with ease: bird cages, perches, walls, carpet, splattered food, reguritated food, handfeeding formula, bug residue, clothing, bird toys, nest boxes, bird feeders, blood, floors, pottery, monuments, upholstery, car seats, boat fabrics and decking. Qty in Stock: 75

Maximum order Qty: 5
Approx Weight: 1.10 lb. / each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.00 x 3.00 x 0.00 in.
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Bird Paradise
551 Route 130 South
P.O. Box 606
Burlington, NJ 08016
United States
Ph: 609-747-7777
Fax: 609-386-0048
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