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JW31321 - Insight Perch Cleaner Small

Insight Perch Cleaner - Small. The easiest way to clean wooden bird perches. Simply hold the brush in your hand and quickly slide the bristles over the perch surface. Waste and debris will be quickly removed, exposing a fresh new surface. Can be used with any size perch.

Regular Price:$3.89 / each
Sale Price:$3.11 / each
You Save:$.78 / each

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Wires bristles clean caked-on waste from perch. Approximately 2.5" wide x 1.5". Actual color of product may vary from image. Approx Weight: 0.50 lb. / each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.85 x 5.00 x 1.00 in.
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Bird Paradise
551 Route 130 South
P.O. Box 606
Burlington, NJ 08016
United States
Ph: 609-747-7777
Fax: 609-386-0048
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