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Paradise Four Big Drawers

SKU: PT-734
Creative Foraging Systems Four Big Drawers is just that! Four drawers to fill with treats! A magnficent foraging toy! Each drawer pulls out.Box attaches to cage with a huge acryilic disc. Keep stimulating your bird's mind but putting some treats or toy parts in a piece of brown lunch bag, twisting it shut and puting this little package in the drawers. --- This one tops them all!
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Virtually beak proof polycarbonate drawers are a great place to hide your bird's favorite treats, or foot toys for your bird to search for and find. Your bird will be able to see whatever you have put into the drawers. Slide out the drawer, fill, slide back in, and watch your bird forage for the contents. Parrots learn to slide each drawer open by the handle, this type of activity helps reduce boredom and the negative behaviors associated with it. Each drawer is 3" square and has a bottom screw-in "lock" that prevents the parrot from removing the drawer but allows you remove it for filling and cleaning. Screw-on mounting bracket included. Suitable for Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws and similar sized birds.
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