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Insight31301 - Insight Clean Water TALL Silo Waterer

InSight Clean Water Silo Waterer™ Tall.  A silo watererer with a difference: when you turn the silo over to put it onto the waterer's base, there is no drip. The patent-pending valve takes care of that for you. It screws into the cage to guaranty a secure fit on horizontal or vertical barred cages. Very easy to clean

Price: $7.49 / per lb.

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  • Holds double the water compared to normal waterers.
  • Fits all bird cages with vertical or horizontal bars.
  • Refill without a spill with No-Spill Valve.

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Bird Paradise
551 Route 130 South
P.O. Box 606
Burlington, NJ 08016
United States
Ph: 609-747-7777
Fax: 609-386-0048
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