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B01521 - Feeding Your Pet Bird

This book explains what proper nutrition is both in the wild and in a companion bird situation. The building blocks of nutrition are discussed (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals). For each vitamin and mineral, information is given about its function, symptoms of deficiency, and foods that contain that nutrient.

Price: $ 11.96 / each

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Tables are included giving:

dietary sources of vitamins/minerals
effects of deficiencies
effects of dietary excess
and amino acid functions and signs of deficiencies
Further chapters discuss the bird anatomy and the effect of nutrition, diet basics, how to change to a more healthy diet, diet-related toxins, recipes, handfeeding and growth of baby birds.

A very informative section delves into the effect nutrition plays in disease, discussing over thirty adult and neonatal health conditions. Finally the book gives nutrition specifics for numerous types of birds, from finches to macaws.

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