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NI24273 - Nature's Instinct Birdy Einstein Zig Zag

Foraging puzzle toy encourages your bird to forage and exercise for her treat. Birds learn to spin the Zig Zag maze to reveal the treats inside. A great toy for multiple skill levels, you can vary the degree of difficulty. Features bird handle at bottom and shatter-resistant polymer construction to withstand tough chewers. Includes quick link and chain for hanging and mounting hardware for mounting to cage bars.

Bird Paradise's friend, Cumari, foraging with the Zig Zag!

Price: $14.79 / Each

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Great for Conures to Macaws. Mount Zig Zag to your cage bars, or hang. Place one or several treats inside the maze and spin back and forth to load. By placing several treats at various locations in the maze, your bird will be rewarded multiple times. For an easier skill level, load treats closer to the opening.
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Bird Paradise
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P.O. Box 606
Burlington, NJ 08016
United States
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