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TR17183 - Tani Robar- Teach Your Parrot Intermediate Tricks

Disc 3 of 4. Good owners = great birds. Entertaining and informative, this DVD will teach you to think from the bird's perspective, giving you the ability to give your bird the commands and signals it will understand. The result is a pet who is secure and eager to respond to your words or physical cues. This training can help lead to years of loving companionship!

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DVD 3 builds on the training techniques presented in DVD 2. DVD 3 shows you how to teach the all-important retrieve, plus some of the related tricks based on the retrieve like ring on the peg, basket ball, coin in the bank, puzzle board of shapes, ringing a bell, raising the flag, and the pull toy. Playing dead, and it's related tricks of juggling a ball, holding a baby bottle, and the parrot cocktail will be explained and shown. The roll over and the somersault are taught, and finally innovative behaviors are shown and explained.

Running Time: 50 min.
Published: 2004

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