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Lafeber's Parrot Popcorn Nutri-Berries Treat 1lb

SKU: A-LA61652
Lafeber's Parrot Popcorn Nutri Berries Treat: Birds love treats, especially when they are treats with a delicious mixture of tastes and textures that bring variety and diversity to their diet. This scrumptious blend of your birdís favorite seeds, grains, and other special tastes will give your bird the new flavors he craves. Popcorn NutriBerries have the delicious aroma and taste of caramel, a sweetness that will surely please any bird. Whether itís a reward for good behavior, or just a fun snack, birds love a tasty treat.
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Popcorn, cracked corn, Canary grass seed, white proso millet, red millet, rape seed, niger thistle, ground wheat, ground corn, ground oats, ground limestone, corn oil, canola oil, soya oil, whole egg.
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