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C-AVI01000 - Avitech Feather In 16oz Ready to Use Spray

Soothing botanical for dry skin and related feather picking. Human cosmetic grade. Use with AviVita Plus multivitamins and with Featheriffic feather growth supplement for beautiful new feathers.  Ready to Use Spray

Price: $14.68 / each

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Feather In is derived from Oats (Avena Sativa) and processed to exacting standards to meet a broad spectrum of use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. It is a “natural” product and consists of proteins and lipid materials. Due to the nature of the lipid/protein content and the fact that these are completely natural products, uncontaminated by extraneous additives, its usefulness is well established in a variety of products. Feather In has, in addition, been specifically formulated for birds.

Historically, Avena Sativa (which in this form can also be called cosmetic-grade avian- specific colloidal oatmeal) has been used for topical applications to benefit skin that has been damaged, abraded, or distressed due to a wide variety of causes. Feather In can be added to warm water and used a spray mist to ameliorate inflammation and to hydrate your bird’s skin. Most effectively it should be used as instructed on your bottle of Feather In or 1 teaspoon per 8 oz. warm water and sprayed on your bird until the feathers are soaked to the skin. This will provide the necessary moisture to aid hydration and eliminate the dry skin which can lead to feather picking. Once a day is good and twice a day is better if you can manage to allow your bird to dry out before night time. Spray until you no longer see any evidence of feather picking. This can be several days or several months. For example, Winter months dry heat can aggravate your bird’s skin and cause dry skin-related feather picking due to lack of humidity in your home.


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