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Nature's Instinct Birdy Einstein Daffy For Taffy

SKU: PT-NI24278
Your bird will be occupied for hours trying to solve the puzzle to reveal the hidden treat. Simply load a treat and hang for your bird to solve. Satisfies your bird's daily need to search for food, and teaches your bird to rock toy back and forth for food rewards. Colorful beads create interesting sounds when toy is not used for foraging. Perfect for multiple skill levels, you can position treats to increase or decrease difficulty. Made from shatter-resistant, super tough polymer to withstand tough chewers. Nickel-plated hanging chain and quick link included. Great for Conures to Amazons.
$9.89 / each
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Directions for Use:
Place a bird treat in the bottom of the toy. Next, turn the toy upside down and tilt it back and forth until the treat reaches the end of the top tube. Hang for your bird to solve! For an easier skill level, try positioning the treat on a lower level.
Qty in Stock: 6
Approx Weight: 1.00 lb. / each

Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.00 x 5.00 x 1.00 in.
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