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Featherbrite Full Spectrum Universal Light/Moon

SKU: Brite109
Universal light for arch-top cages with moonlight. Includes one 21w full spectrum bulb and one LED moonlight bulb. When full spectrum light goes off, a pale blue moonlight will shine until morning when the sun comes up. Light fixture is approximately 13" diameter with stainless steel safety wire extender that helps keep the electrical cord a safe distance from the cage. It has two electrical cords with on/off switches. Both can be operated with a timer(not included).

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Featherbrite is proud to introduce the first of it's kind, a full spectrum day lamp combined with the stress reducing benefits of a moonlight night lamp.  Full day all night, that's Featherbrite. This package includes everything you need for the ultimate light package for your bird. Setup is a snap and doesn't require the purchase of a timer or the hassle of swapping bulbs. Just setup the all-inclusive lamp and let the bulbs work their magic. This setup has all the benefits of Featherbrite's full spectrum day lamp combined with our brand new moonlight simulation lamp. Studies have proven that by simulating your birds natural night time environment you can reduce stress and improve coloration and health.

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