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K&H Thermo Perch Small

SKU: E-TP09010

This perch provides a gentle source of warmth that circulates through the bird's feet. Unlike heat lamps that can get too hot, dry out feathers and cause sleeping disorder due to constant light, this perch provides safe, therapeutic warmth ony when your bird needs it.  Small is recommended for cockatiels, caiques, conures, etc.

10.5" long

$42.97 / each
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Other features include: helps relieve avian stress; stabilizes habitat;
unique shape helps reduce foot cramping; thermostatically controlled, made of
chew-resistant plastic, and the cord is metal wrapped to prevent chewing. This
is a low-voltage (12-volts) heating unit using an UL listed adapter and cannot
shock your bird, use only 5 watts; attaches easily to wire cages. 1/2" x 1"
diameter 10 1/2 " long
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