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Lafeber's Premium Pellets Macaw/Cockatoo - 5 lbs

SKU: A-LA81562
Seed mixtures just don't cut it as primary diets! Only Lafeber Macaw/Cockatoo pellets will deliver the proper nutrition your pet needs to stay healthy and happy! Promotes healthy feathering and digestion. Feed your bird Lafeber. 100% nutrition makes all the difference!
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Your bird's health and vitality begins with their diet. While other foods
are brightly colored and flashy, Lafeber sticks to the basics. This highly
nutritious pellet food makes an excellent everyday food for your Macaw or
Cockatoo, complete in all essential vitamins and minerals. When it comes to the
health of your bird, don't mess around, trust only the best. Please alow 7 days
delivery for 25lb bags
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