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Avitech has been providing the highest quality products for birds since 1984.  Many changes have occurred in the avian business since the start of the company and the lives of birds have improved as a result of the availability of better diets, nutritional supplements, herbal bird products and avian medical care. Avitech hopes to have contributed to all these factors through their support of avian medical research and the provision of products that enhance the quality of all bird's lives.


Avitech AviClean 16oz Concentrate
AVI01069 - Avitech AviClean 16oz Concentrate
Our AviClean formula has twice the dirt-eating enzyme power as the leading poop remover. AviClean is safe to use. There is no need to remove your bird from the cage when you clean. AviClean is also a good deodorizer with a fresh minty smell.

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Sale Price: $17.10

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Burlington, NJ 08016
United States
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