Exciting new exotic bird products!

My Bird Store is happy to introduce new and exciting products for exotic birds. Parrot and other bird products are always being developed. At My Bird Store we take pride in bringing them to you first. So if you're looking for new bird toys, parrot food, or things to enhance the life and health of your bird companions,  check back here often.

  • HB913
    Seagrass Hut - Happy Beaks Made In USA

    Happy Beaks Seagrass Hut creates canopy shelter effect and sense of security. It's all held together with poly rope, wicker balls and stars. Seagrass construction is also chewable and hangs from a plastic ring to give your bird the swinging sensations they crave.

    Seagrass Hut - Happy Beaks Made In The USA dimensions:
     7" length x 7" width 5-3/4" opening (Recommended for parakeets, lovebirds, small conures, cockatiels, and similar-sized birds.)
  • HB907
    Dome Delight - Happy Beaks USA

    Dome delight bird toy has birdie bagels, acrylic pacifiers, and a bell inside all hung on durable chain.

    Dome Delight - Happy Beaks Made in USA Dimensions:  8" length x 3" width (Recommended for cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets, conures and similar sized birds)
  • HB900
    Sm Hanging Vine Mat - Happy Beaks USA

    Small hanging vine mat bird toy has chain with koosh balls and little plastic animals with a seagrass mat for your bird to rest on. 

    Small hanging vine mat - Happy Beaks Made in USA Dimensions:  8" length x 5" width (Recommended for cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets and similar sized birds)
  • HB899
    Tiny Dancer Foot Toy - Happy Beaks USA

    Tiny dancer parrot foot toy made with a medium plastic pacifier recessed in a bell shaped wooden cup; a unique shape for lots of beaking fun!

    Tiny dancer foot toy - Happy Beaks Made in USA Dimensions
    :  5" length x 2-1/2" width (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)
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