Large Selection of Rope Bird Toys
  • HB111 - Happy Beaks Real Wood with Hanging Wood Cylinders

    A giant hardwood log is center stage; lots of natural wood slices with bark strung on knotted cotton rope with pieces of leather.  Measures 17" x 7"

  • HB121 - Happy Beaks The Large Hairy Monster

    This large toy is chock full of parrot things to do!  Strung on heavy chain, this terrific toy has lots of wood chunks and varied shapes to chew, loads of knotted cotton and sisal rope, as well as knotted leather. This will keep even your finicky parrot busy for hours and hours.

    23" long x 9 " wide

  • PP03158 - Planet Pleasures Abaca Swing Lg.

    For the bird that loves to swing on things, climb, and chew, this is the toy! The center is made of durable and all natural palm fiber around which is strong abacca rope. Smaller palm fibers dangle from the tassles for those that love to preen,

    30 " long x 10 " wide

  • ZOO436 - Zoo-Max Though-Player - NEW

    Plenty to accompany your birds time and mind. This toy is loaded. Consist of stainless steel chain, leather strips knotted, braided nylon rope, acrylic pieces and wood. Various shapes and sizes. Recommended for medium to large parrots.

    Approx 18" long x 10" wide

  • HB123 - Happy Beaks Jumbo Swing

    Huge wooden swing covered with cotton rope with tons of wood balls to chew. Heavy duty swing.

  • HB130 - Small Harry Monster

    Multicolored design with sisal rope, colorful wood balls and blocks. Durable construction for extended uses. Great for medium to large sized birds.

    17" L x 5" W
  • HB139 - Happy Beaks Colored Wood Circles

    Large slices of natural branches all strung on cotton rope with colored wodden blocks knotted in between. 

      17" long by 6 " wide

  • HB46318 - Happy Beaks Enormous Squid

    A giant of a toy! A large center wooden block is hung on a metal chain.  Streaming down are multiple strands of knotted cotton and sisal rope with large colored balls.  Measures approx 3ft long by 1ft wide.

  • HB46614 - A&E Java Wood Babble Tower - Med.

    Your bird will have plenty to babble on about when you give them this toy! The center is hung on chain and features knotted sisal rope with scattered pieces of multicolored java wood. On the outer portion are four knotted strands of sisal rope with java chunks and slices throughout. This will delight the preeners and chewers in your household.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    14" long x 5" wide


  • HB46320 - Happy Beaks Wood Shape Chew Toy

    This great toy for wood lovers has lots of colored multi shaped pieces hanging from sisal and cotton rope. Measures 16" x 8"

  • ZOO-370L - Zoo-Max Agabus Large

    Leather toys and various pieces. Made from 100% cotton rope, natural sisal rope, vegetable leather parts, the middle is made of vegetable leather. Use acrylic for rebuild your toys. Recommended for large sized birds. 
    Measures 18"L x 10" W
  • ZOO150XL - Zoo-Max Puncho XL

    A GIGANTIC toy with LOTS of cut, knotted and cut leather strips sticking out all over for easy chewing and preening pleasure. Colored sisal rope is also found throughout this great toy.

    36" " long x 7 " wide

  • ZOO150L - Zoo-Max Puncho Lg.

    Lots of cut, knotted and cut leather strips sticking out all over for easy chewing and preening pleasure. Colored sisal rope is also found throughout this great toy.

    26" long x 6 " wide

  • PT-M00504 - Paradise Bo Jangles

    All natural chunky wood blocks tied with sisal rope and hung on chain with a large cow bell. All natural wood - no food coloring. Great toy for white cockatoos that like to dunk their toys in the water bowl.   

  • HB46627 - A&E Java Wood Bow Tie Society - Large

    Fun for swinging, climbing, chewing and preening, this all-natural toy, strung on sisal rope, is chock full java wood chunks, bamboo sticks, rattan balls and woven palm "bow ties". Great for small cockatoos on up, and smaller birds like caiques that love to chew.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010/2011 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    Approx. 23.5" long x 7" wide.

  • PT-M00450 - Caitec/Paradise Toys Hunka Chunka Wood

    So much toy for the bigger guys; this features tons of wood of different colors and shapes, all strung on knotted cotton rope.

    19" long x 13" wide

  • HB545L - Happy Beaks Rope Swing With Sisal Large

    The Happy Beaks Rope Swing With Sisal Large is more than just a swing. The colorful rope strands make this a great preening toy that is covered in shreddable sisal rope and will liven up your bird's cage. It is also durable and comfortable for swinging and perching and easily clips to any cage. Colors will vary. 

    dimensions: approximately 12" swing diameter X 3/4" perch diameter

  • HB545 - Happy Beaks Rope Swing With Sisal Small/Medium

    The Happy Beaks Rope Swing With Sisal Small/Medium is more than just a swing. For medium to large birds, the colorful rope strands make this a great preening toy. For small birds this is durable and comfortable swing, perch and toy that will liven up their cage. The swing is covered in colorful and shreddable sisal rope and it easily clips to any cage. Colors will vary.

    dimensions: approximately 7" swing diameter X 3/4" perch diameter


    JT33000 - Jungle Talk Snac 'N Play Large

    A great treat stick dispenser from Jungle Talk toys. Bottom unscrews & treat stick placed inside. Hard acrylic plastic with wood blocks tied with cotton rope.  

    GH1059 - Bird Toy Creations Coconut Octopus

    Great for Caiques on up!  This toy has loads of brightly colored wooden blocks all strung on knotted sisal rope.  The top features a half coconut shell strung on chain.  Made In America!


  • HB143 - Happy Beaks Medium Cluster of Hanging Wood Balls

    This toy features a center wooden block hung on metal chain with loads of large wooden beads strung on knotted leather.  Knotted sisal rope is added for preening fun.  13" Wide x 7" Tall.  Perfect to medium to large birds.


    HB46547 - A&E Java Wood Palm Nut Robot Rotan

    So much to do on this super-cute toy hung by chain; from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, this toy is chock full of colorful rattan balls, chunky pieces of java wood, woven wicker mats with lots of sisal rope knotted throughout.  Great for medium to larger size birds.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010/2011 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    Approx. 24" long x 9" wide


    SB478 - Super Bird Toy Creations 4 Way Play

    Four times the fun. This wooden toy sports four separate strands of crunching fun made up of vibrant colored wooden blocks and balls. Each strand is finished with 100 % cotton rope and wooden beads for hours of enjoyment.
  • HB46352 - Happy Beaks Mickey

    The Happy Beaks Mickey toy is a wooden mouse with wooden discs, balls and rope
  • HB46548 - A&E Java Wood Surprise Drum - Large

    This all natural toy is strung on sisal rope and features vertically hung coconut husk slices, pieces of java wood and fiber-woven "drums" filled with natural husks. A piece of cuttlebone accents the center. Great for medium to large parrots.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010/2011 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    Approx. 22" long x  5 " wide

  • PH62473 - Prevue Hendryx Bodacious Bites Monster Mash

    Your bird will enjoy hours of activity and exercise exploring this amazing playground loaded with dozens of different shapes, textures, and colors. Chew the coconut head and feet, pull and preen the ropy arms, perch and climb the driftwood, even forage for surprises you've tucked inside. Safe, strong and durable enough for even the largest parrot or macaw. Dyed wood and rope are nontoxic and bird safe. Suggested for Amazons to macaws.

    Approx 31.5" x 12"

  • JT33103 - Jungle Talk Triple Block Rings - Large

    Provide your feathered friend with a toy that they can use for both entertainment and educational purposes, with the Jungle Talk Triple Block Rings.  Exercise is not just fun for birds, it's a necessity in captivity. Exercise toys allow birds to expend energy and can decrease stress levels.


    BTC1203 - Bird Toy Creations 1203

    This seagrass mat toy is loaded wirt foam flowers, grooved colored wood, natural sisal rope and stuffed with shredded paper. Perfect for many sized birds such as African Greys, Amazons and Macaws

    16" L x 7.5" W
  • ZOOT2020 - Zoo-Max Large Cube

    Hung by chain, this play cube is laced with knotted robe for lots of climbing and playing fun! Attach toys to the rope for even more enjoyment and boredom busting.

    24 " x 24 " x 24 "

    Weight is approx. 15 lbs.

  • MYOT1033 - 5/16" Poly Rope Per 4 Foot

    Exclusively At

    Your choice of Yellow or Lime Green poly rope great for making toys. String your birds favorite chewable toy pieces.  
  • JT98602 - Jungle Talk Knotrageous - Large

    This toy is sure to keep even your larger birds busy. It features layers and layers of heavy cotton knotted rope with lots of different colors and shapes of wood. Going down the center of several large chunks of wood with holes drilled out so birds can enjoy grabbing into these openings with their beaks.

    23.50" long x 6 1/2 " wide

  • AR51204 - Aronico Swing Around - Large

    The Swing Around Small simulates a natural tree vine with an added twist. The woven ball is just asking to be pounded by a happy beak. There's a preener at the bottom as an added treat that can be chewed or preened.

    Size: 36" x 5" x 1" rope

    Bird Size: Medium to Large

  • HB131 - Happy Beaks Hanging Wooden Blocks On Rope

    Three logs with bark have plenty of wooden pieces with knotted cotton rope to chew.  Logs are connected with eye hooks.  Measures 24" x 4"


    ZOO148 - Zoo-Max Tuff Stuff

    A GIANT of a toy!!!   The big birds will definitely thank you for this one!  - so much going on and so many different textures;  cotton rope, sisal rope, wood, and leather.  Put this on a java stand or in your bird's cage and watch the fun begin!

    52 " long x 12 " wide

    weight: approx. 18 lbs.

  • HB46364 - Happy Beaks Giant Squid

    This is a giant of a toy!   19" long x 10" wide, this toy will sure to be a winner. The center large block of brightly colored wood is hung on heavy chain with multiple strands of knotted cotton rope with wooded balls and cylinders attached. There are also colored strands of sisal rope.    Perfect for larger bird and a favorite amongst the Macaws!

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