Large Selection of Rope Bird Toys
  • HB-173 - Happy Beaks The Real Wood Figurine

    Two wood slices with bark strng on metal chain with natural wooden balls strung on cotton rope finished with a liberty bell.  Measures 1" H x 8" W x 17" D

  • PP03157 - Planet Pleasures Abaca Swing Sm.

    For the bird that loves to swing on things, climb, and chew, this is the toy!  The center is made of durable and all natural palm fiber around which is strong abacca rope. Smaller palm fibers dangle from the tassles for those that love to preen,

    18 " long x 6 " wide

  • HB46613 - A&E Java Wood Babble Tower - Sm.

    Your bird will have plenty to babble on about when you give them this toy! The center is hung on chain and features knotted sisal rope with scattered pieces of multicolored java wood. On the outer portion are four knotted strands of sisal rope with java chunks and slices throughout. This will delight the preeners and chewers in your household.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010/2011 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    8" long x 4" wide


  • JT31000 - Jungle Talk Snac 'N Play Small

    A great treat stick dispenser from Jungle Talk toys. Bottom unscrews & treat stick placed inside. Hard acrylic plastic with wood blocks tied with cotton rope.  
  • PT-M00678 - Caitec Paradise Sisal Activity Sphere

    The Caitec Paradise Sisal Activity Sphere can be used as a fun swing, a perch, a preening toy, and activity center. It has a ton of textures to keep your bird busy! The swing is wrapped in strong sisal rope, and hanging from the sphere are vibrant acrylic chains, a liberty bell, and soft rope for preening.

    Recommended for birds size Parakeet to Conure.
  • ZOO-370S - Zoo-Max Agabus Small

    Leather toys and various pieces for your Smalls Parrots. Made from 100% cotton rope, natural sisal rope, vegetable leather parts, the middle is made of vegetable leather. Use acrylic for rebuild your toys. Recommended for conures, senegal, quaker, caiques and small parrots.
    Measures 12"L x 5" W
  • ZOO150XS - Zoo-Max Puncho XSm.

    Lots of cut, knotted and cut leather strips sticking out all over for easy chewing and preening pleasure. Colored sisal rope is also found throughout this great toy.

    7 " long x 4 " wide

  • HB46623 - A&E Java Wood Helix Storm - Sm.

    Hung on a chain, this is the perfect toy for those that like to preen and chew. Multiple woven strands of banana and palm leaf, with sisal rope, hang from chunks of java wood.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010/2011 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    Approx. 8" long x 3" wide

  • HB46625 - A&E Java Wood Bow Tie Society - Sm.

    Fun for swinging, climbing, chewing and preening, this all-natural toy, strung on sisal rope, is chock full java wood chunks, bamboo sticks, rattan balls and woven palm "bow ties". Great for small cockatoos on up, and smaller birds like caiques that love to chew.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010/2011 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    Approx. 9" long x 5" wide.

  • HB545 - Happy Beaks Rope Swing With Sisal Small/Medium

    The Happy Beaks Rope Swing With Sisal Small/Medium is more than just a swing. For medium to large birds, the colorful rope strands make this a great preening toy. For small birds this is durable and comfortable swing, perch and toy that will liven up their cage. The swing is covered in colorful and shreddable sisal rope and it easily clips to any cage. Colors will vary.

    dimensions: approximately 7" swing diameter X 3/4" perch diameter

  • AR51250 - Aronico Swing Around - Small

    The Swing Around Small simulates a natural tree vine with an added twist. The woven ball is just asking to be pounded by a happy beak. There's a preener at the bottom as an added treat that can be chewed or preened.

    Size: 20" x 4" x 1/2" rope

    Bird Size: Small to Medium

  • ZOO404 - Zoo-Max Spring-O-Bird

    Jumping fun!  Ten inches of poly safe rope for your bird to bounce on; chunky plastic pieces are scattered over this toy.

    10" long x 5 " wide


    BA702 - Penn Plax Loofah Doofy Pad

     A folded loofah pad is strung on sisal rope and features wood slices and wooden balls that dangle from the bottom.

    12 " long x 5 " wide

  • HB46633 - A&E Java Palm Nut Tiki

    A terrific preening toy for the smaller birds, lots of cotton rope and sisal is tied around a center woven wreath.  Hanging from the bottom are 3 woven balls and a chunk of balsa wood.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010/2011 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    Approx. 9" long x 7" wide

  • PP40171 - Planet Pleasures Rope Ladder Small

    This Planet Pleasures ladder has all natural materials. Ladder is constructed with colorful circles, coconut pieces, sisal rope, cuttlebone pieces, oyster shells and easily attaches to the cage.

    19" L x 5" W
  • HB46577 - A&E Java Wood Surprise Drum - Sm.

    This all natural toy is strung on sisal rope and features vertically hung coconut husk slices, pieces of java wood and fiber-woven "drums" filled with natural husks. A piece of cuttlebone accents the center. Great for small to medium parrots.

    This toy won Best Bird Product at the 2010 world reknown SuperZoo trade show!

    Approx. 11" long x 3" wide

  • PH1173 - Prevue Hendryx Jumbo Grass Hut

  • PP41189 - Planet Pleasures Chinese House Sm

    Planet Pleasures Chinese House Bird Toy helps to curb boredom and prevent feather picking. This hanging toy caters to your bird's natural foraging instincts tough and natural nuts, seeds, wood and rope

    10.5" L x 3" W
  • GH1001 - Bird Toy Creations

    A great toy for smaller birds. Wood, chain and rope - texture galore

    9" L x 1.5" W
  • PH62602 - Prevue Hendryx Calypso Creations Jubilee SM/MD

    Calypso Creations Jubilee toys is a colorful, delightful toy that will keep birds entertained and occupied for hours with their wooden circles, plastic beads, crinkly paper and knotted rope. All toys in this line have quick-links for easy cage attachment and are comprised of 100% safe, non-toxic materials. Great for small to medium sized birds.

  • ZOOT2018 - Zoo-Max Small Cube

    Hung by chain, this play cube is laced with knotted robe for lots of climbing and playing fun! Attach toys to the rope for even more enjoyment and boredom busting.

    12" x 12" x 12"

    Weight is approx. 3 lbs.


    M00260 - Comfy Rope Boing

    Rope Twister, Stainless steel hardware, 1/2" dia.
  • PT-M00272 - Paradise Cotton Rope Simple Small Triangle

    The Paradise Cotton Rope Simple Small Triangle provides a secure place for your bird to play, swing, relax or nap. The swing is made out of soft cotton rope which gives birds a strong grip and easily hangs from any cage. Colors will vary.

    small (Finches, Parakeets, Cockatiels, and similarly sized birds): approximately 6" triangle

    GH1013 - Bird Toy Creations

    Wood, beads, chain - fun.

  • HB551 - Happy Beaks Rainbow Cotton Rope Boing Small

    Birds love boings!
    The Happy Beaks Rainbow Cotton Rope Boing Small can be hung inside the bird's cage or on activity and play stands and will encourage exercise that your bird will enjoy! The Happy Beaks boing has a liberty bell at the bottom and is made out of durable cotton and intended for long term use. Colors will vary. 

    Recommended for birds size Parrotlets to Lovebirds.
    diameter: approximately 1/2" rope diameter

  • JT98605 - Jungle Talk Lots of Legs - Sm/Med

    Jungle talk Lots of Legs Activity Toy promotes physical activity by providing your bird with a stimulating toy. The wooden character with dangling ropes and plastic beads and links encourages beak maintenance and preening. Place the toy directly in your bird's cage to encourage playtime.

  • BB-382-9.5" - Round Rope Swing #382

    The Round Rope Swing #382 will provide your bird with endless swinging fun! It is durable and is made with 100% bird safe materials. Colors will vary.

    small (Small Conures, and small Parrots): approximately 7" diameter of inside the swing X 1 1/2" rope thickness X 9 1/2" total swing diameter

  • HB46398 - Rope Boing Atom for Small/Medium Birds

    Rope Boing Atom for Small/Medium Birds encourages climbing, swinging, and playing and will be fun exercise for your bird.

    small/medium (Conures, Mini Macaws, Small African Greys): 9" diameter X 1/2" perch diameter
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