Large Selection of Rope Bird Toys
  • G-PT-M00626
    Mini Knots N Blocks-Caitec/Paradise

    This toy is a combination of colorful wood blocks, sisal rope knots and leather string knots that are perfect for chewing and preening. This toy will give your bird a workout and will keep them busy for hours.

    Mini Knots N Blocks-Caitec/Paradise dimensions: 10" length x 3" width (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)
  • ZOO148
    Tuff Stuff-Zoo Max

    A GIANT and exciting toy!! The large birds will definitely thank you for this one!  - so much going on and so many different textures; cotton rope, sisal rope, wood, and leather complete this endless and durable toy.  Put this on a java stand or in your bird's cage and watch the fun begin!

    Tuff Stuff-Zoo Max dimensions: 52" length x 12" width, weighing 18lbs (Recommended for large sized birds)

  • ZOO671
    Natural Sisal Climbing Net-Zoo Max

    This sisal climbing net for birds is woven with all natural sisal rope and accented with colorful wooden bits and acrylic parts to pick and play. Must be attached in the 4 corners for safety or can be suspended horizontally or vertically.

    Zoo-Max Natural Sisal Climbing Net Dimensions:
    30" length X 30" width with 4 1/2" X 5 1/2" spaces and 1/4" thick sisal rope

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