Large Selection of Wood Bird Toys
  • HH-SB438
    XL Paper Party-Super Bird

    Colorful paper sticks pop out of the inside of the wooden block allowing your bird to chew and play for hours. Easily attaches to cage, either inside or out.

    XL Paper Party-Super Bird dimensions: 7" length x 4" width (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)
  • HH-SB439
    Beakasaurus-Super Bird

    We no longer carry Beakasaurus - Super Bird Toy Creations . Click HERE for similar Happy Beaks Bird Toys!
  • HH-SB477
    XL Woodpile-Super Bird

    Appropriately named, this toy features stacks of brightly colored wooden pieces that will have your bird in a chewing frenzy. Your bird will chew, climb, hang, perch and play all day with this new favorite toy.

    XL Woodpile-Super Bird dimensions: 17" length x 8.25" width (Recommended for large sized birds)

    4 Way Play-Super Bird

    Four times the fun. This wooden toy sports four separate strands of crunching fun made up of vibrant colored wooden blocks and balls. Each strand is finished with 100% cotton rope and wooden beads for hours of enjoyment.

    4 Way Play-Super Bird dimensions: 15" length x 7" width (Recommended for large sized birds)
  • WESC20071
    Original Bird Kabob-Wesco

    The ultimate shreddable toy! Made of natural Yucca stalk, this toy quenches your bird's natural desire to chew and shred and is bird safe.

    Original Bird Kabob-Wesco dimensions: 7" length x 2" width (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)
  • WESC20093
    Ole Bird Kabob-Wesco

     The ultimate shreddable bird toy! Made of Yucca stalk, this toy will quench your bird's natural desire to chew and shred.

    Ole Bird Kabob-Wesco dimensions: 15" length x 2.5" width (Recommended for large sized birds)
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