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JT-98606 - Jungle Talk Lots of Legs - Large

The Jungle Talk Lots of Legs is definitely your best solution to your feather pluckers. No more loose feathers with this fun attractive bird toy. Great for all kinds of pet birds, this bird toy is uniquely designed with dangling chew shapes and beads. The dangling chews are connected in animal shaped natural wood. It is very attractive to any bird because it is very colorful and bright. This toy definitely takes boredom away! Your birds will enjoy playing with it for hours. They will be destructed from the unwanted behavior of plucking their own feathers. This will result to clean bird cages and healthy feather coats.

Price: $10.98 / Each

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This toy will also promote healthy beaks. The Jungle Talk Pet Products Lots of Legs is safe to use. It is made of non-toxic components. Its wood and plastic materials are finely polished and finished to ensure no sharp remains will cause injuries. Unlike cheaply made toys, this product is long-lasting. It will not shatter apart easily.

 Approximately 17" long x 4-1/2" wide

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