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Medium bird toys for caiques, larger sized conures, african greys, mini macaws, goffin cockatoos and similar sized birds.

The categorization of toys by sized bird is meant to serve as a guideline in assisting the customer in selecting the proper toy for their bird or birds. It is up to the bird owner to make the decision as to which toy is best suited for their bird.
  • ZOO727
    Groovy Tom-Zoo Max

    Groovy notched wood blocks that are brightly colored and perfect for chewing adorned with paper rope string complete this toy. 

    Groovy Tom-Zoo Max dimensions: 12" length x 10" width (Recommended for medium sized birds)

  • ZOO730
    9" Md Pizza-Zoo Max

    Zoo Max medium pizza bird toy is designed to stimulate your bird by using a large variety of shapes, colors and textures. This toy is compose of cardboard, wooden blocks and tightly twisted paper string and will keep your bird busy for hours.

    9" Medium Pizza-Zoo Max dimensions: 11" length x 9" width (Recommended for medium sized birds African Greys, Amazons, Goffin Cockatoo and similar sized birds)

  • ZOO756
    Med Perchoir-Zoo Max

    A variety of different textures to keep your bird entertained. Hanging from the non-toxic PVC arch of the bird swing are a variety of soft wooden pieces and sisal rope for your bird to play with. The perch is sand covered to maintain our bird's nails and help them grip firmly, and everything on the swing is bird friendly and durable.

    Zoo Max Perchoir Medium dimensions: approximately 23" length X 16" width X 1 1/4" perch diameter (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)
  • ZOO759
    Md Fireball - Zoo-Max

    The new Fireball is a great toy for your bird. Many wood pieces to have fun with. You can hide a treat inside the paper rope. Mounted on a chain this is a tough toy. Made of 25 feet of paper rope and 60 wood pieces

    Medium Fireball - Zoo-Max dimensions
    : 13" length x 9" width (recommended for African Greys, Amazons, and smaller sized Cockatoos)
  • ZOOT2019
    Med Cube-Zoo Max

    Hung by chain, this durable play cube is laced with knotted robe for lots of climbing and playing fun! Attach toys to the rope for even more enjoyment and boredom busting.

    Med Cube-Zoo Max Dimensions: Approximately 19" length x 19" width x 19" height (Recommended for medium sized birds)

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