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Aviator Harness

SKU: B-AH00100

Avaitor Bird Harness and Flight Leash - includes instructional DVD

* Please Note that we cannot guarantee color choice. If you must have a particular color please indicate so in the order comments section of checkout. Petite and X-Small are available in black or red only. Additional choices for all other sizes are silver, green, blue, red, pink, and purple.

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Sizing Chart

  • Mini: : 35-75 grams  Sm. Parakeets, Love Birds, Parrotlets
  • Petite: 75-110 grams  Lg. Parakeets, Sm. Indian ringnecks, Cockatiels, Sm. Conures (Green Cheeks)
  • X-Small: 110-190 grams  Quakers, Senegals, Doves, Most Indian Ringnecks, Rainbow Lories, Rosellas, Noble Macaw, Lg. Conures (Suns, Blue Crown), Caiques
  • Small: 190-425 grams   Smaller Amazons (Lilac Crown, Blue Front), Timneh Grey, Yellow Collar Macaw, Sm. Cockatoos (Goffins, Major Mitchell, Lessr Sulfur), Lg. Parakeets, Chattering Lory, Pionus
  • Medium: 425-600 grams  Eclectus, Severe & Red Fronted Macaws, Lg. Amazons (Double Yellow Headed, Yellow Nape), Umbrella Cockatoos, Congo Greys
  • Large: 600-1000 grams  Lg. Macaws, Triton Cockatoo, Small Moluccan
  • X-Large: 1000-1600 grams  Lg. Moluccan, Green Winged Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw
  • XX-Large: 1600 + grams  Extra Large Hyacinths
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