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16oz Coco Loro- Avitech

SKU: C-AVI01049

Avitech Coco Loro can help support your bird's immune system, maintain an active metabolism, and provide inexpensive antimicrobial protection. Virgin coconut oil for birds is cold pressed from the meat of fresh coconuts and is never cooked or smoked. Coco Loro is certified organic, human food grade, and is packed in plastic bottles which contain no PBA's.

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Ingredients/Specifications: Color-White, Odor- Penetrating coconut aroma, Free Fatty Acids-0.07%, Moisture-0.06%, Peroxide Value-0.1, Non-Saponifiables-N/A, Saponification Value-252, Iodine Value-7.0, Specific Gravity-0.9, Melting Point-77 to 79 degrees, Nutritional Profile (per 14 gm), Calories-125, Fat-14 gm, Cholesterol-0 mg, Sodium-0 mg, Carbohydrates-0 mg, Protein-0 mg, Fatty Acids Caprylic-5-9%, Capric-6-11%, Lauric-42-52%, Linoleic-14%, Myristic-13 to 20%, Oleic-3 to12%, Palmitic-8 to14%, Stearic-1 to 3%
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