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Coco Monkey - AE Java Wood

SKU: HB46581

Coco monkey is a coconut which has been carved to look like a monkey's face, complete with ears, hair and a large open mouth filled with java wood foot toys. Your bird will spend endless hours trying to get those toys out.

Coco Monkey- AE Java Wood measures: approximately 6" length x 6" width x 6" height Size will vary due to natural product (Recommended for medium sized birds)

*PLEASE use caution with opening side, so your bird does not become stuck. Mouth opening is approx. 3 " long x 1 " wide. Always make sure your toys are size appropriate for your particular bird(s).


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A&E Java Wood takes pride in making unique products from non-productive coffee trees, using natural, renewable, recycled and earth-friendly materials.
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