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Tweety Koosh Mix

SKU: A-BirdBulk8
LOOK WHAT'S NEW! Our signature Benji Blend with the addition of Nutri-Berries (sized for the little birds) and select herbs, Plus, Mini Koosh Balls.

Bird Paradise's Tweety Koosh Mix is Only Available in 2lb & 4lb Bags:
-2lb bags come with 10 Koosh Balls
-4lb bags come with 20 Koosh Balls


In order to maintain the freshness of our bulk foods, upon arrival please transfer food to a sealed, rigid container. It is recommended to store at room temperature what your bird(s) will consume in approximately 10-14 days. The remainder should be stored in the refrigerator. We do not recommend freezing as a method of storage due to the formation of ice crystals, which could melt and cause mold.
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