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Lg Pet Carrier Living World

SKU: GG-LW60888

The perfect solution for carrying your precious small pet safely and easily, this unit has many innovative design features for comfort and convenience. Made of durable, chew-resistant plastic, the carrier is built to last. It has twin handles for enhanced carrying comfort and a large opening at the top for easy inside access. A network of ventilation slits all around the carrier is designed for optimal air circulation. The bird carrier has a ridged bottom surface that provides your pet with secure footing as you carry the unit. It also has a locking system to ensure your pet will not escape.

Living World Pet Carrier - Lg Features:

•Carrier Dimensions: 11.8" length X 9 " width X 8.3" height
•Designed to take the risk out of small pet travel
•Well ventilated; Creates an airy and comfortable environment
•Equipped with ridged, non-slip floors
•Durable; Built with two leveraging handles for easy carrying


$12.76 / each
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