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Small Wingabago Bird Carrier - Playful Parrot


Take all of the isolation and stress out of travel for your pet. This small Wingabago bird carrier will give your pet a clear view of their surroundings and allow for you to easily monitor their safety. It is made of FDA approved non toxic plastic which is resilient, light weight, and safe and can easily be secured in car by seatbelt.

Wingabago Acrylic Bird Carrier Small Features:

•Dimensions: 12" length X 12" width X 17" height
•Recommended for small sized birds (Cockatiels, Senegal Parrots, Caiques, Quakers, Conures, and similarly sized birds)
•Carrier weighs less than 7lbs
•Ventilation holes on top and bottom
•Dowel perch, toy hanger, and carrying handle included
•Bolt holes on top for optional top perch (not included) and mount for bowls (not included)

$219.99 / each
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