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25lb Vita Cockatiel/Lovebird - Sun Seed

SKU: E-SS20610
Sun Seed Vita Cockatiel / Lovebirds is a complete diet designed to meet the daily nutritional needs of cockatiels, this formula is also idea for lovebirds. Vita Cockatiel / lovebird adds vitamins and minerals not normally found in a straight seed diet, promoting colorful feather growth and ensuring the overall health and well being of your pet bird.  These pellets also contain beneficial bacteria that work to aid in digestive health.  This delicious formula is blended with tropical fruits, coconut, apples and vegetables, and has been fortified with added calcium, necessary for all life stages.
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Ingredients: white millet, safflower seeds, wheat, oat groat, grey striped sunflower seeds, buckwheat, flaked corn, canary grass seed, assorted dehydrated fruits & vegetables, orange extract, meat & bone meal, fish meal, & yeast. Fortified with all essential vitamins & minerals.
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