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4lb Parakeet Classic Nutri-Berries-Lafeber's

SKU: A-LA81632
Lafeber's Parakeet Classic Nutri-Berries are designed to be a 100% naturally complete meal made of wholesome ingredients, such as canary seed and wheat. Your bird will find the flavor irresistible and the Nutri-Berries fun to eat. The Lafeber difference is in the hulling. Even if a seed mix is coated with vitamin and minerals, as soon as the bird cracks the seed, the nutrition is lost along with the empty seed hull. By hulling the seeds and grains, and then coating them with stabilized vitamins, minerals and amino acids, your bird receives the balanced nutrition essential to good health in each bite.
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Ingredients: Canary grass seed, white proso millet, red millet, rape seed, niger thistle, ground wheat, ground corn, ground oats, oat groats, flaked corn, cracked corn, flax seed, sesame seed, sunflower chips, corn gluten meal, honey, cashews.

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