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1lb Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula - Harrison's

SKU: C-HA52101
Harrison's Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula
A Certified Organic Complete Balanced Hand-Feeding Formula for Parrot Chicks

  • For hand-feeding psittacine chicks until weaning.
  • To follow the feeding of Neonate Formula for selected parrots (see below).
  • For birds recovering from illness or injuries and birds losing weight during a diet conversion. 
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  • From day 1 for pionus, African greys, Amazons, cockatoos, conures and macaws.
  • From day 7 for other parrots.
  • From day 21 for cockatiels (see Neonate Formula prior to day 21).
Feeding Directions:
Caution: The correct feeding technique must be used in order to prevent injury to the bird or inhalation of the formula that could result in pneumonia and death.
  • Step 1: Gently feel the crop to determine that it is almost empty before feeding.
  • Step 2: Mix fresh: 1 part dry formula to 1-3 parts bottled ?drinking water? heated to approximately 103°F (39°C). Do not microwave. Adjust consistency if necessary.
  • Step 3: Feeding with an irrigation syringe is probably the most universally successful technique.
  • Step 4: Feed the bird until the crop is full but not overstuffed and clean the excess formula from the bird?s beak, feathers and enclosure.
  • Step 5: Small species older than 21 days and large species older than 7 days should be fed Juvenile Hand-feeding Formula.?
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