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Sm Sanded Thermo No-Slip Perch-K&H

SKU: E-TP09110

This natural feel perch will help keep your bird warm,  comfort and reduce stress, and is permanently sanded to help keep nails and beaks trimmed. This unique perch's irregular shape and no-slip gripping surface reduces foot cramps, pressure sores and provides orthopedic support. It's thermostatically controlled, energy efficient, only uses a harmless 12-volts of electricity plus has a 6' power cord in which 3' of it is steel wrapped to prevent chewing. It installs in a flash with no tools required. 

Small Sanded Thermo No-Slip Bird Perch-K&H Dimensions: 1" diameter x 10.5" length (Recommended for Cockatiels, Conures, Caiques, and similarly sized birds)

$45.05 / each
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