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Snuggle-Up Bird Warmer Small/Medium - K&H

SKU: E-TP09050

This uniquely designed bird warmer will help protect your exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts. Thermostatically controlled to an optimum body temperature the Bird Warmer provides a safe, consistent source of warmth and stabilizes the bird's environment and relieves stress for your bird. This low voltage heater mounts right to the side of the cage, allowing your bird to "Snuggle Up" to it to get nice and warm. This is a low-voltage (12-volts) heating unit using an UL listed adapter and cannot shock your bird, use only 5 watts and attaches easily to wire cages.

Snuggle-Up Bird Warmer Small/Medium - K&H dimensions: 5" Length x 3" Width

$42.99 / each
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