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Punching Bag - JW Pet Company

SKU: C-JW31130

JW® Pet Punching Bag birdtoy offers a variety of ways to help your pet bird stay happy and active. Your feathered friend can push, pull and shake the bag, which features a slatted design to offer your pet bird a secure grip. Birds will love to get this bag swinging all while watching the action in the shiny mirror. The top of the toy also has a bright red tug to pull up on that makes the bag move and the bells ring, two different ways to play. This type of toy teaches a bird that their actions produce a reward for a learned behavior; this encourages repeat play and helps to prevent cage boredom. Brightly-colored to engage & entertain birds with fun features and is an easy bolt-on attachment to the side of your bird's cage. Great for parakeets, cockatiels and similar sized birds.

Punching Bag - JW Pet Company dimensions
: 4" length x 3" width (Recommended for small sized birds)

$5.08 / each
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