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4pk Party Bags-Nature's Instinct

SKU: G-PT-NI12005
4pk Party Bags-Nature's Instinct is a great for beginner foragers. Simply stuff bags with treats and watch the foraging fun begin. Make it more challenging by hiding the treats inside of crinkled paper.

4pk Party Bags-Nature's Instinct- pack of four bags (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)
$3.79 / Each
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Foraging is a fun, natural, daily necessity. Stuff these 4pk Party Bags-Nature's Instinct chewable bags full of anything from popcorn to peanuts, cinch the rope and left the foraging fun begin. For small to medium birds like cockatiels, parrotlets, conures, caiques, etc.  Inspect frequently and replace/remove when bags are gone and remaining rope becomes unsafe.

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