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Better Beak-Polly's

SKU: E-POL50310*
A trimming surface that birds instinctively seek! This toy has a beak cleaning surface that will remove food debris and provides your bird with the necessary chewing activity and exercise they need to thrive. The surface of the beak conditioner will remove old scaly layers of the beak, keeping it in top condition.

Better Beak-Polly's is available in the following sizes:
  • X-Small 10" Long x 3/4" Diameter (Parakeets)
  • Small 12" Long x 1" Diameter (Conures & Cockatiels)
  • Large 12" Long x 1.5" Diameter (Congo Greys, Amazons & Ecletus)
  • X-Large 12" Long x 2" Diameter (Cockatoos & Macaws)
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