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Desert Sands Perch-Polly's

SKU: E-POL51048

Made with textured desert sand, that make these perches just right for coarser nail trimming. The dimples protect your bird's foot pads, and with the sparkling glitter, they're attractive and stimulating. Lightweight and durable, they maintain a normal temperature for comfortable perching.

Desert Sands Perch-Polly's is available in the following sizes:
Small measures approximately 6" long x 1" perch diameter (Recommended for small sized birds)
Medium measures approximately 9" long x 1-1/4 to 1-1/2" perch diameter (Recommended for medium sized birds)
Large measures approximately 12" long x 1-3/4 to 2" perch diameter (Recommended for large sized birds)

Desert Sands Perch - Colorful sand-covered perches simplify foot care for caged birds.
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Desert Sands Perch Small 51048($10.49)
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Desert Sands Perch Large 51052($14.99)
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