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    Feathered Phonics DVD Adventure Parrot

    An entertaining and educational bird training DVD designed just for parrots that also gives lessons on behavior training, talking, and interaction between birds and humans. This DVD also teaches how to train birds to understand flash cards. The video is for parrots of all types including parakeets, cockatiels, and large parrots. Video runs approximately 60 minutes.

    Feathered Phonics DVD Adventure Parrot

    Time to Talk: Wordy Birdy CD Training Disk #1

    Easily teach your bird to talk with this CD that has 98 phrases that will repeat to easily teach your bird while you're away!

    Wordy Birdy CD Training Disk #1 Time to Talk


    Wordy Birdy Recorder

    Teach your bird to talk with revolutionary microchip technology. This is the most effective training device available. "Wordy Birdy" allows you to record in your own voice whatever you wish your bird to learn. A simple push of the button and "Wordy Birdy" will repeat your words or phrases over and over again at an adjustable training interval from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, until you shut it off. You can change your message anytime you wish. It has no moving parts, will not break down even after thousands of hours of use. There is no tape to degrade and will operate for up to 6 months on 4 AA batteries, not included.

    This product is highly recommended by Bird Paradise's owner because of her experience with this device and her own birds. 

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