VIDEO VAULT is happy to display fun and informative exotic bird videos using our exotic bird products.

Let help you and your bird companion with tips on food, toys, foraging and enrichment for you and your exotic bird's enjoyment.

Keep checking back for more videos on parrot and exotic bird products and using them with your birds!

  • G-PT-813
    Master Mind Circle-Caitec/Paradise

    This Master Mind Circle-Caitec/Paradise is a challenging foraging toy is for the birds that enjoy a good foraging workout!  Food/treats go into the cones and your bird must maneuver the cones to the top of the "track" until treats/food drop through the hole, dispensing in the center chamber.  Multiple feeding stations give birds choices!  Made of polycarbonate. 

    Master Mind Circle dimensions: 9.75" length x 8" diameter (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)

  • G-PT-NI24280
    Parrots Treasure-Nature's Instinct

    Simply hide treats inside of the Parrots Treasure-Nature's Instinct acrylic toy for birds and twist the keys. Your bird will have to twist and turn the keys correctly to reveal the hidden treasure. This exciting and challenging toy will strengthen your bird's mind and coordination.

    Parrots Treasure-Nature's Instinct dimensions: 4" length x 3" width x 3.5" height (Recommended for medium sized birds)

  • G-PT-NI24284
    Rings Of Fortune-Nature's Instinct Birdy Einstein

    Your bird will be spinning this Rings Of Fortune-Nature's Instinct Birdy Einstein toy for hours trying to align the rings and release the treat. It is a great foraging toy that will test and strengthen your bird's mind and coordination.

    Rings Of Fortune-Nature's Instinct Birdy Einstein dimensions: 6" length x 3" width (Recommended for medium sized birds)


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