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Hardwood Swing-Polly's Pet Products

SKU: E-POL50480
This bird swing creates a natural swinging sensation that imitates perching on a swaying tree branch. The all natural and bird safe rope provides easy access to and from the bird swing, which encourages fun exercise for your bird. This bird swing can be washed with soap and water, and is also dishwasher safe. Colors will vary.

Hardwood Swing-Polly's Pet Products is available in the following sizes:
x-small (Parakeets, Lovebirds, Canaries, Finches): Approximately 5" height X 4" width X 3/4" perch diameter
small (Cockatiels, Conures): Approximately 8" height X 6" width X 1" perch diameter
large (Amazons, African Greys): Approximately 12" height X 8" width X 1.5" perch diameter
x-large (Macaws, Large Cockatoos): Approximately 16" height X 10" width X 2" perch diameter
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