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Sm Tabletop Perch w/ Toy Hook-Zoo Max


This perch complete with two cups has an elevated arm with an eye hook to conveniently hold your bird's favorite toys. It is made of long-lasting FDA approved, food-grade PVC pipe. With no lead and no heavy metals, this gym is great for parrots that love to undo hardware on other playgyms. Grooved for safe footing and plenty of perching space, this gym enables your bird to accompany you into any room of the house. Place the gym on a screened-in patio to give your bird fresh air and sunshine. Incredibly easy to clean! Designed to sit on a tabletop for face-to-face play with your bird.

Sm Tabletop Perch w/ Toy Hook-Zoo Max measures: approximately 16" length x 16" width x 27" height (Recommended for smaller bird like Cockatiels, Conures, Caiques, Pionus, etc.)

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