Irresistable Leather, Wood and Real Fruit Bird Toys. Simply the best!
The Leather Elves began as a small family owned and operated business. It has remained that way as our customer base and line of toys have expanded. Our goal is to make toys that are safe and appealing for companion birds. We strive to create unique toys that are unavailable from other manufacturers. All our toys are developed with safety in mind and all materials are veterinarian approved before included in a toy. Each toy is made to order to insure freshness of product and extended shelf life for the customer. Making toys to order allows us the flexibility to make slight changes to meet customer specifications. If you see a toy that you like and know it would be perfect for your bird, please, check the list of customers for a store near you. If none of our customers are in your area, please contact us and let us know where you purchase your toys and we will contact that store or let your local store owner know about us and ask them to look over the line.
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