Planet Pleasures pioneered the development of bird toys made from unique, all natural and earth-friendly materials that parrots would encounter in the wild; such as palm leaf, coconut shell and fiber, and bamboo. Many of their toys also contain calcium and minerals; like cuttlebone and oyster shell for the health of your birds.

Planet Pleasures is proud to support over 400 families who weave their products by hand through a certified Fair Trade cooperative. They have watched the improvement in the quality of these families' lives through the production of these bird toys.

With Planet Pleasures' wide range of toys, they have successfully created a "win/win" situation for the parots, producers, and environment!

  • PP41329
    Sm Monster-Planet Pleasures

    This toy is great for pluckers and overpreeners! What a cute little monster that is made of palm strands, bamboo eyes and a sombrero. Everything is attached with natural rope. 

    Smal Monster-Planet Pleasures dimensions: 8" length x 3.5" width (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)

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