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ABBA Products has been serving the pet industry community since the 50's . We specialize in bird supplies and seed.
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High quality bulk bird food your birds will love.

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Bird Pellets are formulated diets made specifically for the needs of each bird type. They contain a blend of grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Pellets also include all of the needed levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and other nutrients that your bird needs. The tasty flavors and enticing smells encourage your bird to eat. Since the pellets are a blended mix and baked together, your bird can't pick out his favorite pieces, meaning he gets balanced nutrition in every bite. 

Pellets also provide less of a mess than seeds, which produce messy hulls everywhere. However, if your bird is used to seeds, it can be difficult to transition him to a pelleted diet; it's best to start feeding your bird pellets while he's still young. 

The diet you choose may depend on your bird's preferences and eating habits. If your bird continually picks out his favorite pieces from his seed diet, you might want to feed a pelleted diet instead to make sure he's receiving the right nutrients. Keep track of your bird's health and behavior, and if you start to notice problems or deficiencies, contact your veterinarian.
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Blessing's Bird Food
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FM Brown's treats for parrots and small birds formulated for consumers who prefer to feed their birds and small animals a wholesome blend of 100% natural seeds and grains. Our natural foods are clean, high-quality, non-fortified blend for parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, and other pet birds. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives have been added.

FM Brown's Premium foods formulated to provide the proper nutrition your pet requires. We’ve blended the highest quality select seeds and grains together and vitamin-packed foods shapes that make feeding time exciting, tasty, healthy and fun.

FM Brown's Gourmet Foods fun-filled meal and treat, all-in-one. Plus...our 100% edible, no waste extruded diets with real fruits. With gourmet foods feeding time can be fun, exciting and nutritious too.

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 You asked for it - You got it. Pick from many options to cater to your birds likes.  Customize your bundle.

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Handfeeding Formula
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Dried fruit and vegetables
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Caitec Oven Fresh BitesĒ all natural avian diets provide the solution for the discriminating pet bird owners who are looking for a nutritionally balanced, premium pet bird diet.

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Oven fresh bites are a delicious new treat that your parrot will love. They contain all-natural ingredients, including oatmeal, flax, cranberries, blueberries and whole eggs.
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Crazy For Corn is a all natural cookable bird food for all birds from little to large. Mostly human grade ingredients such as pistachio nuts, cashews, peppers, whole grains, generous fruits like papaya, peaches, pineapple, banana chips, veggies, pasta, legumes, healthy herbs and more.Simply cook up a big batch of CRAZY FOR CORN, freeze excess for months. Easily combat dangerous seed only diet malnutrition.

These Crazy For Corn all natural bird food mixes are convenient, healthy, and birds LOVE them! Dry mixes can be cooked in batches and stored in the refrigerator or freezer for easy daily reheating. Five mixes to choose from.
Crazy For Corn, as part of a bird's diet is excellent nutrition. It's also the perfect additional food to use separately with our best selling,
Bird Paradise Food Blends
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We no longer carry Crazy Corn bird food. Click HERE to see our NEW Crazy For Corn bird food. If your birds loved Crazy Corn, they will love this!

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HAGEN : Dedicated To Providing Your Bird With Nutritious Products to Keep Them Healthy.

Hagen Tropican is the only formulated food line that most birds will need in their lifetime, from a newly hatched baby chick to a mature, breeding adult. For baby chicks, Tropican High Performance Granules provide stressed or breeding birds with extra protein and minerals. For regular maintenance, Tropican Lifetime Granules or Lifetime Food Sticks ensure that fussy eaters get a full balanced diet. Since Tropican incorporates vitamins and minerals, the Prime Supplement is not needed.

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Happy Beaks Made in USA Treats
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A great healthy treat that can be fed to your bird daily.
*Please note that our Today's Deal and Special discounts EXCLUDE Harrison's products
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Harrison's Premium Certified Organic Bird Food
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Take your bird to new places. Higgins Worldly Cuisines are the natural, healthy foods that add variety to a companion birdís daily diet. Suitable for almost any bird - Higgins Worldly Cuisines are the natural, healthy foods that add variety to a companion birdís daily diet. Worldly Cuisines will transport your bird's food to different parts of the world with human edible ingredients.  ----- PLEASE NOTE COOKING INSTRUCTIONS.  Some of the bags of Higgins omitted some of the food to water cooking ratios.  ALL foods use 4.3 oz. of food (just over 1/2 cup). The water used varies according to the flavor - Passage to India uses 8 oz. water; Tuscan Dream uses 7 oz. water; Spice Market uses 6 oz. water; Creamy Zen uses 8 oz. water; African Sunset uses 8 oz. water; Inca Bean uses 10 oz. water; Mundo Brazil uses 8 oz. water; and Moroccan Cafe uses 8 oz. water.  -------------Bird Paradise encourages adding additional fruits and/or vegetables to cookables. Frozen works well added at the end of cooking and left to thaw into the hot food.   BON APPETIT!!

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Higgins Premium Pet Foods primary mission is to produce the healthiest, natural diets and treats for your feathered pets. Higgins Premium Pet Foods formulates premium seed blends with unique and exotic ingredients from the highest quality sources around the world. All of Higgins foods and treats are free of any chemical preservatives. Higgins premium dehydrated fruits and nuts are the same that you would find at your top grocery stores.
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Karen's Naturals : Nationally Known Unique Dried Fruits and Veggies for Healthy Snacks. Karen's Naturals products are exactly what they say they are absolutely nothing has been added. No Salt, No Sulfur, No Fat, No Sweeteners, No Preservatives It's the next best thing to eating out of your garden. Just Tomatoes, dehydrated fruits and vegetables are vine-ripened & picked at peak condition, washed, cut and then placed in specially designed dehydrators and dried at low temperatures to preserve color, flavor and nutrients. Karen's naturals line of unique dried fruits and vegetables have been carefully selected and combined for your ultimate enjoyment.

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Providing The Highest Quality Foods For People's Enjoyment of Birds!
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LAFEBER'S NUTRIBERRIES - Nutri-berries are designed to be a 100% naturally complete meal.

Nutritionally Balanced:

Just for Your Bird Dr. Lafeber working with Top Avian Nutritionists, Veterinarians and Behavioral Consultants worked together creating and balancing each Classic Nutri-Berries' recipe. They are specifically designed for the nutritional demands of birds: for iridescent feathers, for a strong beak and bones and for bright eyes. Gourmet Nutri-Berries, like Classic Nutri-Berries, combine fresh ingredients, hulled seeds and essential vitamins and minerals, all of which are rolled together into a berry shape birds' love. And to insure our strict quality standards are met, all of our recipes are tested by an independent lab.

Great Foraging food:

Gourmet Nutri-Berries were designed to provide your bird with a variety of beak and tongue sensations. The irresistible berry shape and variety of ingredients meets their nutritional and behavioral needs. Your feathered friend will love holding, pulling and tearing at each berry. We believe your bird's food can be both exciting and nutritious.

Classic Nutri-Berries are Omega 3 & 6 Balanced:

Balancing the Omega Fatty Acids helps increase immune function. Generally, increased immune function helps the body's ability to fight disease. Gourmet Nutri-Berries are now Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids balanced. Balanced omega 3 & 6's also helps improve the quality of the skin. More than ever, Gourmet Nutri-Berries provide excellent nutrition for your loved feathered companion.

Classic Nutri-Berries are Naturally Preserved:

Our veterinarians and nutritionist determined the best combination of natural preservatives, specifically mixed tocopherols and citric acid, to protect the nutrients of Classic Nutri-Berries. Guaranteeing the nutritional quality you and your bird have come to expect from Lafeber Company.

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A rich heritage surrounds the essence of Lafeber Company.They came from humble beginnings to be a leading force in the world of pet bird food. The Lafeber Company is a family company built by a father and son team of veterinarians with a shared love of animals, especially a passion for birds. The very first commercial bird food pellet was developed by Dr. Lafeber Sr. and produced right at his veterinary clinic. --- Lafeber Company combines old-world craftsmanship and modern scientific technology to produce the premium pet bird food you see on the market today; they offer top-of-line pet bird food nutrition for a range of bird species, including macaws, cockatoos, parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, canaries and finches.

100% Nutrition That Makes All The Difference!
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The Manu mineral block contains the same nine minerals in the same concentration as the natural mineral deposits.
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Individual and Bulk Millet
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Miracle Meal
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MOMMA'S BIRDIE BREAD by BETTER BEAKS: A great healthy treat that can be fed to your bird daily.

Whether you fancy my Original, Happy Bird Day, Caribbean, Fiesta, Wing Dynasty, Harvest or Song Bird recipe, Mommaís Birdie Breads are all good eatiní and good for you. Each one is a nutritionally sound snack to make sure youíre getting everything you need to keep your beak in peak condition. If you havenít baked up a loaf today, whatís stoppiní you? Now donít just sit there looking pretty Ė start baking.

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A variety of nuts, both in shell and out of shell, that are salt and seasoning-free.  A healthy treat for your bird and great foraging opportunity!

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Super fortified ultimate parrot mix enriched with one full scoop of super food bee pollen!
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The ultimate food for your bird's "every need." Pretty Bird is the industry leader in top quality avian foods.
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Versele-Laga Prestige premium bird food is quality seed mixture for multiple types of birds. By buying this product you are supporting the Loro Parque Fundación to help nature and provide protection for bird sanctuaries.
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Roudybush, Inc. manufactures specialized bird foods.
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Bulk nuts & seeds & other goodies
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Vitapol Smakers bird treat sticks from A&E Cage Co. 
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World's Best Soak & Serve is a all natural soakable bird food for all birds from little to large. Mostly human grade ingredients such as pasta, couscous, carrots, corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pepitas, peppers, apples, raisins, bananas and more. Simply place desired amount in food in container and cover food with hot tap water. Cover container and let sit for 15 minutes. Pour out excess water and serve. Discard uneaten portion after 2-3 hours. Easily combat dangerous seed only diet malnutrition. These Soak & Serve all natural bird food mixes are convenient, healthy, and birds LOVE them! Dry mixes can be served as is or soaked.

World's Best Soak & Serve, as part of a bird's diet is excellent nutrition. It's also the perfect additional food to use separately with our best selling,
 Bird Paradise Food Blends
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Especially Formulated for Softbills and Lorikeets

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Sprouted seeds are more nutrient-dense as they are high in vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll.
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Sun Seed is a great parrot food and a bird food for all kinds of birds. A bulk and prepackaged premium quality pet products for companion birds since 1891!
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Top's parrot pellets and parrot seed is a balanced diet of healthy and wholesome food that is nutritious, USDA Organic GMO-free and made 100% in the USA with high-quality ingredients. 
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Lots of fun treats for your birds to enjoy while playing on their stands. Can also be used to assist with foraging.
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Treats for beaks parrot food is all natural, dehydrated fruits, and  dehydrated vegetables. A natural way to treat your bird! No added preservatives! 
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Twin Beaks provides premium quality dietary suppliments including Herb Salad and Hatched Eggshell Calicium.
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With 40 years of loving and caring for birds we have developed this healthy, nutritionally balanced premium blend of exotic bird food packed with a powerhouse of ingredients. Fresh from nature to your birds beak at a price you can afford!

The world's best bird food ifs formulated with high quality ingredients like in our Birdie Trail Mix full of peanuts, pepita, almond, cranberry, golden raisin, coconut, cashew, raisin, pineapple, walnut, and macadamia, to name only some of the natural ingredients in our bird foods made specially for your type of bird and not for humans.

Don't forget The World's Best Treats, your bird will be happy you did. Click here for World's Best Treats!

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Do you have your bird's favorite treats? The World's Best Bird Treats are a number one seller and make happy birds. A healthy choice for birds, there's a World's Best Bird Treat flavor for every companion bird. Check out our selection to satisfy your birds needs.

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Vitakraft bird food products
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Exceptional Diets For Extraordinary Birds!
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All other bird food products for canaries, finches, cockatiels, and other smaller birds
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