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Remember your bird companions with Christmas toys for birds.Holiday toys for birds
Show your bird you love them with
foraging bird toys.
Your bird is part of the family so show them they have bird toys to challenge them,
keep them busy and part of the family for the holidays.

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A&E Java Wood takes pride in making unique products from non-productive coffee trees, using natural, renewable, recycled and earth-friendly materials.

This unique collection of toys has won numerous awards, including Best In Show at the National Trade Show in Las Vegas.


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Avian Specialties bird toys are all made in the USA.  They are designed with your bird's safety in mind.  They offer toys of all sizes for birds small to large.

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A line of natural enrichment and foraging toys.

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High Quality, Hand Made Bird Toys. Unique Designs!
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Busy Bird Toys - “For Birds That Like To Screw Around!”™
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A fantastic line of foraging toys for beginner to advanced

Integrating foraging behavior into your daily feeding protocol will create a stimulating environment, which encourages the natural behaviors universally recommended by avian veterinarians.

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A great shredding and foraging toy for your feathered companion!
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 High Quality, Hand Made Bird Toys. Unique Designs!

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A&E Happy Beaks Toys : Manufactured in the USA
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Happy Beaks bird toys offers a large selection of toys for all birds.  Here you will find bird toys of all sizes and textures including sisal, leather, acryllic, and rope.

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Yucca, wood, rattan - a great line of quality toys for all sizes of birds.

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Since 1972, Living World has been committed to making the lives of pet birds more comfortable and fun by developing products that care for their well-being.
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Mango Pet Products, Inc.'s goal is to be a leading manufacturer of avian specialty products for the exotic bird owner with an emphasis on delivering a complete line of avian products that are required, useful, playful and accessorial for the care and well being of companion birds. Home is where the bird is!
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In September of 2006, Natureís Instinct proudly introduced their new line of foraging interactive toys. The line is appropriately named ForageWiseTM - build your birds brilliance! Each toy offers a unique and complex design, which encourages a birdís natural instinct to forage for their food

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A great line designed with smaller birds in mind.
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Planet Pleasures pioneered the development of bird toys made from unique, all natural and earth-friendly materials that parrots would encounter in the wild; such as palm leaf, coconut shell and fiber, and bamboo. Many of their toys also contain calcium and minerals; like cuttlebone and oyster shell for the health of your birds.

Planet Pleasures is proud to support over 400 families who weave their products by hand through a certified Fair Trade cooperative. They have watched the improvement in the quality of these families' lives through the production of these bird toys.

With Planet Pleasures' wide range of toys, they have successfully created a "win/win" situation for the parots, producers, and environment!

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Polly's Pet Products is the result of a life-long love of pet birds.  This toy line is calcium and cholla wood based, thereby providing healthy enjoyment.  In addition, Polly's manufactures toys which addreses the natural desire of birds to shred and chew.

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A line created for pluckers, overpreeners and foragers. Calypso Creations are colorful, delightful toys that will keep birds entertained and occupied for hours with their wooden circles, plastic beads, crinkly paper and knotted rope.

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The largest selection of Super Bird Toy Creations online

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Yucca toys on bird-safe string - great for all birds!
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