Parrot Supplies For Your Bird's Health

You love your parrot or exotic bird companion so you want the best for them. Parrot cages, African Grey food, Caiques food and Parrot stands or a bird stand for any size bird. You can find what ever bird supplies you need here at
  • HB01393
    Wooden Blocks & Wedges - Happy Beaks

    Happy Beaks wooden blocks & wedges has lots of pine wood blocks of various sizes are strung on a durable chain. Hang vertically or horizontally for chewing pleasure and hours of fun!

    Wooden blocks & wedges - Happy Beaks dimensions:
     28" length x 6" width (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)
  • HB01395
    Stainless Steel Treat Cage - Happy Beaks

    Happy Beaks stainless steel treat cage comes filled with shreddables but can easily be replaced with your bird's favorite veggies. Simply hang inside of cage, and watch your bird use their natural foraging instincts to play and discover for hours.

    Stainless steel treat cage - Happy Beaks dimensions:
     7-1/2" length x 3" width (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)
  • HB01399
    Up Against The Wall - Happy Beaks

    Happy Beaks up against the wall bird toy is great for the big guys that love to chew and beak a ton of wood. This colorful combination of wood chunks and beads are hung on durable chain making this toy a tough one to beat.

    Up Against The Wall - Happy Beaks Made dimensions: 22" length x 7" width (Recommended for large sized birds)
  • HB01394
    Colored Wood Block Spiral - Happy Beaks

    Happy Beaks colored wood block spiral bird toy features vibrantly colored wood hung on sturdy stainless steel chain that is durably built to maintain large beaks. This toy will encourage exercise and reduce boredom for your bird.

    Colored wood block spiral - Happy Beaks dimensions:
     18" length x 8" width (Recommended for large sized birds)
  • GG-HB1506LB
    Lg Black Soft-Sided Fabric Carrier A&E

    A light weight bird carrier with handle and a detachable shoulder strap for easy transportation. The zipper in front opens fully to a cozy perching area with an easily wipeable interior. The floor has a removable plastic mat that is velcro attached for easy removing and cleaning.

    A&E Soft-Sided Fabric Bird Carrier - Black Lg Features:
    •Dimensions: 18 1/2" high X 13 1/2" wide X 9" deep
    •Lightweight and stylish with a fun tropical design
    •Wire mesh screen allows for easy ventilation and visibility
    •Easy to clean

  • HH-PT-M00275
    6x3" Parakeet Ladder

    A reliable and durable small bird ladder that will help to improve the physical well-being of your bird as well as reducing boredom and offering mental stimulation. Get creative with it to create a challenge or an exciting change in your bird's cage. Try putting it from the cage bottom to perch, from perch to perch, or make a path destination leading to a favorite foraging device or toy. 
    Parakeet Ladder Dimensions: 6" length x 3" width (1/4" Step Diameter)
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