Large Selection of Wood Bird Toys
  • PT-M00622 - Large Vari Fan

    Large Vari Fan consists vibrantly colored wood hung on sturdy stainless steel chain. Excellent for encouraging exercise from maneuverable wood slats. Great for large sized birds.

    18" L x 8" W
  • PT-M00532 - Giant Knots 'n Blocks

    Giant Knots 'n Blocks has multiple components that make this toy very popular. It consists of brightly colored wood blocks and 100% natural sisal rope knots that encourage preening. Great for large sized Macaws.

    34" L x 11" W
  • PT-M00212 - Extra Large Building Blocks

    Caitec Extra Large Building Blocks is large wood blocks attached with sturdy stainless steel chains that stand up to the toughest parrot. This is a great chew toy for large Macaws

    32" L x 11" W
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