Sm Fruit & Leather Ring-Happy Beaks Made In USA

    This is a toy and a treat in one! This tasty and exciting Fruit & Leather Ring has Almonds, Papaya, PineappleApricot, and Leather pieces all strung on a ring. Your bird will be busy pulling off the leather pieces and eating the fruit off of the ring!  Limit 2 Per Order!
    Fruit & Leather Ring-Happy Beaks Made In USA dimensions: 4" diameter (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)
    You Save: $5.61

    Outback Edition: Feathered Phonics CD #6

    This award winning CD teaches parrots how to say a variety of fun phrases in an Australian accent from Down Under. It has 37 tracks PLUS 5 bonus tracks for your bird to learn. Great for Parakeets, Parrots, Cockatiels, and Cockatoos.

    Feathered Phonics CD #6: Outback Edition

    You Save: $7.88
  • B-FP17161
    Canary Singing: Feathered Phonics CD #7

    Teaching your canary to sing with this award-winning CD may have male canaries instantly burst into full competitive song. This CD is also good for female canaries to induce nesting. Includes male calling female, male song, beak snapping, and more. It contains 21 tracks total of songs.

    Feathered Phonics CD #7: Canary Singing

    You Save: $7.88
  • B-DVD123
    Get Your Parrot Back DVD

    There are few things more heartbreaking than when a beloved parrot accidentally escapes.  This DVD features detailed instructions to help you get your lost parrot back, as well as useful tools such as lost bird flyers, lists of people to contact and a variety of parrot calls.  This DVD is a must for any parrot owner.  Be prepared.  Learn in advance how to prevent the heartache so many have experienced when a parrot is lost.

    Get Your Parrot Back DVD
    You Save: $11.99
  • B-FP17163
    University 101: Feathered Phonics CD #9

    This award winning CD teaches smaller birds songs to whistle. It contains 65 tracks full of words and whistles including The Andy Griffith Show, My Country Tis of Thee, and more. Designed especially for Parakeets and Cockatiels.

    Feathered Phonics CD #9: University 101

    You Save: $7.88

    Tani Robar -Teach Your Parrot Advanced Tricks

    This DVD builds on the methods and tricks shown in both DVD 2 and 3. Advanced tricks include taking a bow, nodding head yes and shaking head no; the expanded use of the commands come and perch; falling over backward when shot; pushing objects; such as a baby buggy; pulling objects such as a wagon; riding a scooter; turning a crank; bowling; the shell game trick and explanations of how various combination tricks shown in DVD 1 were put together, plus more!

    Tani Robar -Teach Your Parrot Advanced Tricks Disc 4 of 4.
    You Save: $10.11
  • A-LA82650
    10oz Parrot Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries-Lafeber's

    Lafebers Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries Parrot are a nutritious combination of papaya, pineapple, mango, and other wholesome ingredients with a special shape to reduce waste. These compact balls of seeds, grains, and vitamins are easy for birds to pick up and eat and are a favorite among the beaks.
    Limit of 2 Per Order
    You Save: $2.92
  • C-AVI01081
    1oz System Detox Extract

    System Detox Herbal Extract is a bird detox that works to purify your bird's blood, protect and support your bird's organ function, and helps the liver efficiently of birds remove waste and toxins. It also clears environment and chemical toxins (due to exposure to pesticides, fertilizers, smoke, unclean water, etc.) from tissues and protects your bird from further damage. Put drops in drinking water or directly into bird's mouth.

    You Save: $1.19

    Duck on Patrol - Happy Beaks Made In The USA

    An adorable rubber duck sits atop this toy which is hung on chain. Strands of knotted poly rope hold brightly colored wood pieces and plastic shapes. Limit 2 Per Order!

    Duck on Patrol? - Happy Beaks Made In The USA dimensions: 12" length x 6" width (Recommended for medium sized birds)

    You Save: $6.61
  • HB877
    Once Upon A Lily Pad-Happy Beaks Made In The USA

    Layers of woven and shreddable palm leaves and plastic stellar rings make up this neat toy. The bottom of this toy is finished with plastic links and mini pacifiers that dangle and jingle and will excite your bird for hours. Limit of 2 per order!

    Once Upon A Lily Pad-Happy Beaks Made In The USA dimensions: 7" length x 3.25" width (Recommended for small sized birds)
    You Save: $4.21

    The Palm Nut -Happy Beaks Made In The USA

    A colored wiffle ball has a small cork stuffed in each hole for your bird to chew and yank on. This toy is hung on chain with a wooden spool at the top and a liberty bell at the bottom for added fun. Limit of 2 Per Order

    The Palm Nut-Happy Beaks Made In The USA dimensions: 10" length x 3.25" width ( Recommended for small to medium sized birds)
    You Save: $5.11

    Flower Pot-Happy Beaks Made In The USA

    This unique toy has a ton of different textures to keep your bird interested. Finger traps, palm stars, plastic stars and lots of shreddable natural toy parts will keep your bird sitting and chewing on this toys for hours. Limit of 2 Per Order!
    Flower Pot-Happy Beaks Made In The USA dimensions
    : 10.5" length x 6" width (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)

    You Save: $9.61
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